Live Security Video Monitoring Can Save Your Property and Your Life

Ex-army reservist Steve Archibaldhas a peaceful, yet loud solution to crimes. Mr. Archibald patrols the streets with an air horn to alert his neighbors and drive away potential intruders. He has also distributed loud air horns to his neighbors, so they will feel safer in their homes. According toMr. Archibald, the pure sound and shock of the air horn should be enough to deter someone’s initiative to intrude your home. The sound of the air horn can be heard 1 ½ kilometers away.

You can also take steps to protect your home and your loved ones from intruders. Installing security cameras is no longer enough as criminalstoday are smarter and make sure to hide their faces from the camera. Security companies are only notified when the security alarm is trigged. Live security video monitoring is the latest technology for crime prevention. While it is still a surveillance system, there are police officers and trained operators monitoring your property in real time. You don’t need to watch a delayed video or wait until you get a copy of the footage as you can now get a live monitoring service that watches your property in real time.

How Live Security Monitoring Can Help

Live security monitoringcan prevent robberies as the right authorities can respond right away in case a suspicious activity is happening in your property. It will not just protect your property, but also your life. A real person monitoring your property can notify the police right away. If they tell the police that they are witnessing the crime under way, the police will include your case in their higher priority list. This can save your life and your loved ones.

Always keep in mind that prevention is the best course of action. It may not be possible at all times, but there are some things that you can do to prevent break-ins such as getting live security monitoring services from a reliable security company. If you are usinglive surveillance cameras, make sure your loved ones or employees know that what they’re doing is being watched and recorded. They can contact a control center to notify them of any unusual activity in your property as well as know what specific protocol they can follow in case something happens.

You should also perform thorough background checks on your employees or applicants. Notify your employees about the security measures you have in place. If they know that they are being monitored, the chances of them stealing or doing an inside job lowersignificantly. In case your employees are working alone at night, you should make sure they can see the door wherever they are positioned. Your property should also be well lit. This deters criminals from intruding your property as they won’t have a spot where they can conceal themselves. Never take your security for granted. Implement the right security measures in place and protect your property and loved ones from any form of danger.