Access Control

For the majority of people, the security of their residence is of major importance to which there is no substitute. Does your home feel vulnerable to occasional callers having easy access? If so, you need to take into consideration installing access control to your home. Mr. Alarms’ access control system can supply and fit any form of the system, from a door intercom, allowing you to recognise callers before opening the door into a fully programmable system controlling doors and gates in the biggest builders.Our team can fit and install all kinds of video or audio systems along with the digital code, proximity reader function, swipe card as needed. This way you can guarantee that only the people you appoint have the access to the building. Mr. Alarms offers a wide selection of access system each made to fit your needs and preferences. Access control systems range from the easiest and simplest stand-alone control of those people entering or leaving your premises with the help of a PIN number to integrated and networked systems with the help of security technologies like magnetic stripe readers.

Reassuring, simple to use – access control system is more cost efficient than ever

Big premises will benefit from controlled access to the sensitive areas not open to other people. You can choose rooms to be accessed by authorized person only. Maintain your secure areas free from any unauthorized traffic, log every entry and exit designated areas perfect for safety and healthy applications in during an emergency.

Here are some of the many benefits of using our access control service

Low maintenance and tailored to your home

Every home can benefit from a low maintenance system. Access controls could be revolutionary keeping your home secured from unwanted access and break of security. You can choose from proximity & biometric readers, swipe and stand alone or computer linked. Our company can supply the right system to fit your needs.

Detailed entry and exit history, want to know what time your kid get home on weekend night.

Do you need to present a contractor access to your house for a bathroom renovation? No issue. You can issue them along with a temporary password that could even be set to work in particular hours. There no need for you to worry about the numerous keys to your front in the hands of several of different contractors.

Having a keyless entry for your car is amazing. Consider having one for your house as well. Don’t forget the house key or lock yourself out.