Fire Alarms

Using commercial fire alarms can give you peace of mind. Mr. Alarms, have products that are of outstanding quality and you can rest assured any signs of fire can be detected promptly.

High-end Property Protection and Life Safety Systems

We provide clients with the leading solutions in commercial fire alarms in the industry. We have advance alerts, which can provide necessary fire information to firefighters and police personnel. We can also equip your business with intuitive touch screen controls and command consoles that make it easy to configure and control the setup.

Flexible & Easy to Use

Our commercial detection fire alarms are flexible and easy to use. With this, our alarm allows programming without an additional hardware. We employ reverse compatible programming platforms to offer a hassle-free transition from existing systems.

Meeting Industry Standards

Commercial detection alarms are highly effective in managing the risk of fire. They can determine signs of the fire providing fire-fighters the opportunity to be more efficient. All our fire alarms are certified and approved, which assures safety and quality.

Immediate Response Time

In a case of emergency, you will have a great assurance of immediate response when it comes to the safety and protection of your commercial office against fire.
Nowadays, with great technology it is possible to detect signs of fire ahead of time. Through commercial alarms, you can perform preliminary solutions that minimise expenditure