Personal Pendant Alarms

Accidents and emergencies may happen any time of the day. With busy schedules these days, it is not possible for us to be with our loved ones, especially the elderly at all times to ensure their safety in our home. So, how can we keep them safe when we are not around? The personal pendant alarm range from Mr. Alarms might hold the answer.

Receive help exactly when you need it

With just a simple push of a button, you are connected to an emergency response center and to a member of the response tea, who can help you regarding your situation. You can also alert appropriate family members about the incident. This means immediate help can be rendered with the help of our personal pendant alarms. In addition, our alarms have a great coverage in terms of the area they can cover. As a matter of fact, it would still work even in your patio, yard, or garden.

Professional installation and demonstration

Once you’ve decided to purchase our personal pendant alarms, our technician will visit your home to install, set it up, and configure everything for you. We can have these alarmsup and running within a few days of receiving your order. Once installed, we will also run through a full demo to show how you should use it and how it works. Our support team is also on stand by 24×7 if in case you experience any difficulties.More than anything else, we offer guarantees and warranties. To be more specific, if you’re not satisfied with the personal pendant alarms that you have purchased from us, we offer a money bank guarantee. We also offer a free quote with a fixed price guarantee. This only means that the price will never change after our quote has been accepted.

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